Our story of a passionate Italian pursuit...



It all started with a LOVE for nutritious freshly cooked Italian food, and a PASSION for deliciously organic ingredients that could be used to make homemade skincare products.

Casa Mencarelli was born.

A soulful love for nature’s harmonious ability to nurture and replenish your skin is what we are about.



During the last few years founder, Lucia, developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. She had to revolutionize her lifestyle and reduce her exposure to toxic chemicals in order to heal her illness.

Lucia could no longer use any conventional cosmetics, so she started making her own skincare products at home, using fresh, food-grade organic ingredients. Real, clean green beauty is the result!



Your skin absorbs chemicals just as your stomach does, but nature alone provides just what your skin needs so that nothing else needs to be added.

The naturally rich ingredients used in Casa Mencarelli’s products nourish your complexion inside and out, cell by cell. Within a few weeks you will glow like the Italian sunshine!


Come with me on a journey through the olive fields of Umbria, the vineyards of Tuscany. Let the green clay of Sicily pamper your skin, the amazing scent of lemons and oranges awaken your senses.

Imagine a beautiful vista that houses a patchwork of sky-reflecting rice paddy fields along the river Po and Lake Maggiore in Piedmont and Lombardy. Smell beautiful sun-kissed tomatoes of Naples and Apulia. Discover the fragrant wildflower bouquet of Millefiori honey, produced in the foothills of Italian Apennines…


A Word from Lucia, Owner and Founder of

Casa Mencarelli

“This was the best switch I have ever made in my life.
A total natural organic approach to skincare has really paid off and I want to share the amazing experience of using these products with you.”

Natural is Bellissimo!