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Embrace the total Italian Experience

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Our mission is to lead the Clean Beauty Revolution with pure Italian passion.

The best for your skin and for the environment, because we want you to feel… Bellissima!  

  • Certified Organic by COSMOS Soil Association

  • No Synthetics

  • No GMO

  • No Fillers

  • No Mineral Oils

  • No Essential Oils

  • Recyclable Packaging




As Nature Intended

Luxurious, natural, clean beauty.  Casa Mencarelli loves your skin. Our products contain only what the good Earth provides. No synthetic chemicals, no added fragrances, no mineral oils, no fillers and no essential oils that could irritate your skin. No controversial ingredients.

Bellissimo for your skin and safe for the environment, so you will look naturally radiant and feel amazing!


Italian Passion

All of our skincare is organic certified, made with the highest quality natural ingredients to meet your skin’s needs and add some Italian sun-kissed glow! Pure Italian passion to nurture your inner beauty!


Holistic Well-being

We strongly believe that natural non-processed ingredients are good to the skin and contribute to your wellbeing. This is why we only use nourishing Organic Certified ingredients, preferably raw and food grade.

We believe that skincare should be a total wellness experience. We believe that Clean Green Beauty is the only way forward and we are committed to raising awareness.

We believe in healthy lifestyle and naturally glowing skin.



Natural is Bellisimo!

Embrace the Italian Experience